Eat @ Ease restaurant by ARTTA CONCEPT STUDIO, Kwai Chung – Hong Kong

August 5th, 2017 by retail design blog

An eye-pleasing warehouse inspired restaurant that has a modern industrial vibe is adorned by raw and
tough materials. This can be seen from the use of rustic metal and antique steel finishing on the loft area
of the bar frame structure. The open kitchen uses cranberry coloured bricks to enhance the industrial-look
combined with exposed steel pipes on the ceiling.

The centre piece of the room is the stylish marble table, which gives off a modern and sophisticated twist
with the rest of its surroundings. The spot lights fixtures help enhance a dim atmosphere, interpreting a
loft-like environment.

ARTTA Concept Studio has used roller shutters for the VIP room to exaggerate the warehouse look and
to divide the rooms, so that the customers can enjoy a quiet and cosy place to dine.

Throughout the interior, the design has been concealed with cement flooring combined with a washed off
cement surface on the ceiling to create a raw treatment. The combined mixture of walnut brown and navy
blue colours are to flow throughout the Hotel that it is located in, to keep a consistent ambience.

The VIP rooms can be expanded for larger groups or it can be made smaller for an intimate and cosy
dining experience.

Design: ARTTA Concept Studio

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