Mos Edition flagship store by Korea Niiizdesignlab, Shanghai – China

August 7th, 2017 by retail design blog

Bold and creative ideas seem to spring out behind the designer’s shy attitude to respond to the interview. The space designed by his young sensibility has wit and vitality, while arousing respect from its age. Niiiz Design was known with an installation exhibition of Gentle Monster flagship store last year. They, reinterpreting the viewpoint about things, opened newly Mos Edition flagship store in shanhai.

Mos Edition was started from a company designing women’s high sensitive casual wear for several shops at Dongdaemun in Seoul. Mos Edition Shanhai showroom is a multi-shop where many brands of individuality gather, and the designer concentrated on creating a shop where all the brands harmonize with one another in a space without heterogeneity, accordingly, Soho Street where shops of strong in dividuality gather was chosen as its design concept.

The designer revealed individualaities of each brand by eliminating the use of colors and decorations in the whole space and by placing space in space. The showroom share small areas just like gable-roofed houses gather uses finishing materials with rough texture such as concrete and wood on its exterior appearance, while expressing heterogenous and harmonious feeling of Soho Street on its interior using vivid colors and mosaic tiles.

And orange colored glass between small areas divides human traffic line and leads visual change. This shop is divided into four areas largely, and among them, the main entrance hall is designed with a ceiling installation which cahndes on a regular cycle in order to express trendy brands of Mos Edition at the space.

Design: Korea Niiizdesignlab

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