Juana limón is a bakery and coffee shop by Local Studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil, Madrid – Spain

August 14th, 2017 by retail design blog

Located next to Madrid’s El Retiro Park, Juana Limón is a bakery and coffee shop designed by Local Studio Lucas y Hernández-Gil. Comprised of only 50 square meters, the project aims to attract the attention of the passersby while fitting inside a small kitchen able to handle preparation of goods, as well as a public area to sell and consume them. The firm dealt with everything, from the interiors, to the furniture design and graphic identity.

Previously a decoration store, Lucas y Hernández-Gil pursued the idea of applying craftsmanship into the design to go with the artisanal side of baking. Hand-made painted tiles in different colors set the different programs of the space while adding depth to the small area. The part dedicated to the production and commercialization of the baked goods showcases the tiles on the counter, walls and even floors. As for the spaces dedicated to the customers and the enjoyment of the goods, wood and iron were used instead.

As for the furniture, every piece was designed by the studio who decided to reinforce the hand-made idea applying finishes to the iron and wood. The airy space, filled with natural light thanks to the wall-to-ceiling windows results in a warm atmosphere perfect to taste patissier’s Laura Negri baked goods with a good cup of coffee. Lucas y Hernández-Gil also took care of the graphic design of the whole project, including logotype and posters.

images by Jara Varela


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