Veil Modular Privacy Partition System Designed by Box Clever, San Francisco – USA

August 14th, 2017 by retail design blog

When they were in need of a visual partition in their studio space, San Francisco-based Box Clever came up with a concept that eventually led them to create an entirely new entity named MatteChrome. Veil is a modular system designed to offer privacy in interior spaces while allowing you to control the look and amount of light that passes through.

Veil comprises two components – an open piece and a closed piece – made from white ABS plastic with an almost irregular mesh-type pattern. The pieces easily snap together into any configuration you want and it’s super easy to hang.

Veil comes as a set, which includes 15 open pieces, 10 closed pieces, and 4 hooks and that makes about one square meter. They have a gallery to help you figure out how many sets you might need.

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