Die Gute Botschaft restaurant by mo.studio, Hamburg – Germany

August 15th, 2017 by retail design blog

„Die Gute Botschaft“ – that is not only the name of German starred chef Tim Mälzer’s new restaurant, but also the conceptual guideline for its interior design. Food is being understood as „good news“ that need to be immediately shared with the public and the interior space has to support this idea. As a result, the barriers between creator and customer vanish and the process of creation becomes visible.

Therefore, Tim Mälzer and the Düsseldorf based architecture firm mo.studio designed a unique restaurant experience that can be ranked somewhere between laboratory and cafeteria. A T1 stove builds the room’s centerpiece and serves as the beating heart of the restaurant – it is where the good news is being created and where it is delivered to the public. Therefore, the whole interior design look evolves around the futuristic piece of furniture.

Meanwhile, it has to be incorporated into the entire space concept in order to create an harmonic overall impression. mo.studio and Mälzer developed a fluent transition from entrance to a take-away and coffee-part, passing the T1 stove that leads to the dining area.

Seating arrangements alongside a curved front, together with round walls and raft ceilings, create a subtile impression of a division of space. Additionally, visitors have an open view into the preparatory kitchen in order to transmit transparency – everyone should see where the „good news“ come from!

Design: mo.studio

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