Quatro lighting fixture by Studio Beam

August 17th, 2017 by retail design blog

The Quattro lighting fixture – from the functional D-light collection, designed expressly for the growing demand for unique lighting solutions for commercial working spaces: This pioneering and unique collection in lighting sphere: decorative & technical lighting fixtures that transcend the boundaries by enabling technical solutions of light output And maximum efficiency in lighting fixtures designated for large industrial spaces with no need to compromise on original and surprising design of the of lighting fixture exterior.

The Quattro is made from an innovative MDF made by @VALOCHROMAT, which is characterized by a rich variety of colors and a great structural strength, with added metal grill and handles features. The lighting fixtures are available in two sizes – width 60 cm and width 1.20 cm, and also can be ordered any size by your choice.

The lighting body is illuminated by a powerful LED module, the intensity of the illumination can be adapted to the requirements of the lighting and installation consultants. An up light unit can be added if required. These lighting designs are especially complimentary in use to light up commercial work stations, meeting rooms, etc.

Design: Studio Beam
Photography: Yoav Gurin

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