Revolve bottles by Talia Mukmel, Tel Aviv – Israel

August 19th, 2017 by retail design blog

With much research being done looking at historical water storing methods, researchers have been able to gather vast information regarding ancient civilizations by examining the differences in materials and designs from earthenware artifacts. This led Tel Aviv-based designer Talia Mukmel to come up with a contemporary water bottle that still managed to reference historical times.

After experimenting with various methods, Mukmel was able to create a series of bottles that utilized modern production techniques and materials while retaining the details of ancient hand work. Despite being made from the grains of bioplastic (PHA, PLA), the REVOLVE bottles evoke the look of handcrafted objects, thereby paying homage to the work of generations that came before.

The REVOLVE project was created in collaboration with Aybar Gallery.

Photos with white background by Aybar Gallery
Photos with brown background by Daniel Shechter

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