Lotus Dessert by Atelier TAO + C, Shanghai – China

August 23rd, 2017 by retail design blog

Lotus Dessert is located inside a Carrefour in Shanghai, which specializes in traditional Cantonese dessert use lotus seeds as the main ingredient. The designer intends to recall the memories of a traditional street food stall with simple contemporary design language. The fabric curtain signs, menu handwritten on a wooden board convey an ordinary everyday life atmosphere, but also with a sense of strangeness in an urban environment. Accommodated the kitchen, bar and seating area within 20 square meters, the designer seeks restore the appropriate dimensions.

The kitchen is hided behind, the designer wrapped all the enclosures with maple plywood at a datum line about 2.2 meters high, resulted in a cozy seating are surrounded by wood. By emphasizing the nature of the plywood – the wooden plane and the side of section shows the multi-layers, the plane as the wall panels, the side as the structures and frames, formed a composition of the elevation which is simple and meanwhile complicate.

The wooden cabinets between the kitchen and bar were embedded with striated glass and framed by the stripes of plywood, functions as both the external display cabinet and the inner kitchen counter. The glass enables us to see through the kitchen, the solidity of the wall disappeared. The bronze frames hanging from the ceiling combine with banners, sign and suspended lights. The ceiling and wall above the datum line were painted in green,with the finish of maple plywood, creating an atmosphere of bright and fresh as the flavor of the dessert.

Design: Atelier TAO + C
Photography: Guan Li

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    This is really great! I’d like to contact the studio but I am not able to find a website or an email, can you help me please ?

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