Ginshariya Restaurant by Tsutsumi & Associates, Shanghai – China

August 25th, 2017 by retail design blog

In this Japanese bistro which is mainly based on rice, it has three concepts as centripetal, oriental and particulate. First, utilizing the sufficient height of the space, we set the entrance as high and the back as low. Then this perspective makes the centripetal space which attract people into the space.

Secondly, we referred and extended flying rafter which is often used at the traditional Zen temple, and by overlapping several layers of rafters, we construct a step-like dynamic ceiling to express powerful orientality.

Thirdly, following the traditional Zen temple’s way, the edge of the rafter is covered by white plate so that we can see a large number of white dots scattering. Needles to say this particulate is a metaphor of the rice.

Design: Tsutsumi & Associates
Photography: Beijing Ruijing Photo

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