Gentle Monster store, Shanghai – China

September 6th, 2017 by retail design blog

Betting heavily on China’s swashbuckling millennials, an increasingly influential consumer group that’s keen on style and not afraid to spend, Gentle Monster has opened yet another flagship store in the country, hot on the heels of a store launch in Chengdu. For its newest outpost the Korean eyewear brand has picked a retail space at ifc mall in Shanghai’s financial district.

Surrounded by leading luxury and premium brands from around the planet, the location reflects Gentle Monster’s bold ambition to become a household name in the upper echelons of fashion and lifestyle products. Although it was founded only a few years ago, the company has become a seasoned player when it comes to retail as it has cleverly developed a unique design narrative to mesmerize its following season after season.

For the boutique in Shanghai the theme frogism – a portmanteau that blends the words frog and sadism, and inspired by an idea derived from a phrase from George Orwell’s allegorical novel Animal Farm – the company has once again pulled out all the stops. An evocative retail space has been created, using different materials, artful objects and nifty, moving installations that all allude to the aforementioned theme.

Upon entering the store, visitors immediately stand eye to eye with these hi-tech concoctions, such as the one which features branches sway left to right, scratching against a circular copper plate that becomes polished over time while the rest oxidates. Gentle Monster’s coveted sunglasses and prescription eyewear is subtly presented on sleek wall-mounted shelves in the background.

Design and photography: Gentle Monster

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