VAVAS & Projekt Product eyewear shop by NiiiZ Design LAB, Seoul – Korea

September 7th, 2017 by retail design blog

The eyewear store VAVAS in Nonhyeon-dong shines through with a cynical and sophisticated aesthetic. The texture of the finish harmonizes a simple yet full look in the space. The masculine gravitas combined with the textured finish material catches the eye while the juxtaposition of the glossy black SUS

on the rough concrete gives expression to the physical properties of the eyewear products. Rather than focusing on just eyewear alone, the intention was to create a sense of expectation in terms of premium service, while the aesthetic has been differentiated with a sense of ruggedness that adds gravity.

Although the store space is not large, the high ceiling minimizes the feeling of being closed in. The lighting is also understated while leaving an expression, fulfilling its role of brightening up the space. The most eye-catching feature of the store is the terrazzo staircase which has an air of calmness to it.

It organizes and divides the space and the atmosphere organically, being set between the staircase and counter zone. Products can also be displayed on it. The concrete is also exposed at the ends of the display table, as if part of the interior walls have been attached there.

The Vavas store space is divided in half, almost as if the space is split between black and white. However, the division feels sophisticated due to the objet d’art of the table and the unique use of concrete that act to connect the spaces together.

Design: NiiiZ Design LAB
Photography: SNAP By TAQ.C

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