Lost Garden flagship store by NiiiZ Design LAB, Seoul – Korea

September 9th, 2017 by retail design blog

Sometimes the special shines through in the little things.A small store in a remote location has to amplify its charm to attract each and every customer.

This holds true for Lost Garden, which just opened in Hapjeong-dong.

Lost Garden aims to be a handmade shoes brand that is trendy and accessible, moving beyond the unaffordable and aged image of existing handmade shoes. It has to react sensitively to ephemeral trends and designs, with the flexibility to adapt to change.

The store space of Lost Garden expresses this intention of the client to respond sensitively to trends in every nook and cranny, like hidden treasure. The harmony of masculine black and ruggedness forms a backdrop, in the center of which sits a cool circular structure expressing the infinite variability that Lost Garden aspires to. This circular structure delivers the brand message in an eye catching manner, rotating 360 degrees around its center with images of Lost Garden’s products being projected on it.

The interest in this space is how it has been divided using texture to avoid monotony. The wall has been split diagonally to add dynamism, while the irregular regularity of the display adds visual rhythm. What makes this diagonal wall even more dynamic is the herringbone style flooring. It not only makes up for the small space by splitting its lines into smaller segments, but also adds a touch of extravagance.

Another interesting feature is that the interior space hidden behind the diagonal wall presents a contrasting atmosphere.The lower part of the wall is filled with rough concrete pieces which look like they have been broken off with hammers.This unexpected combination of contrasting materials was proposed to make the products stand out as well as contribute to the branding of the store.

To work with the particularly low ceiling, as well as to reflect the projection of the brand image, the entire ceiling has been mirrored to make the space appear bigger while reflecting everything in the space.

Moving past the open main area along the diagonal wall, one enters the office and customized service space for individual customers. The rugged and masculine atmosphere transforms into one of calmness and brightness to welcome customers. The focal point wall painted in gold presents a variation that makes customers entering the space feel even more special.

Design: NiiiZ Design LAB
Photography: SNAP By TAQ. C

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