Silo of Silence – Clicked Core by Haegue Yang, Berlin – Germany

September 11th, 2017 by retail design blog

Based in both Seoul and Berlin, Korean artist Haegue Yang [1971] is known for using mundane objects and materials, ranging from industrial mass-produced items to organic and immaterial things such as smells or noises as well, to create intricate and nuanced installations.

Yang was invited by the KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art in the German capital to present a single work in its 20-metre-high boiler house. Opening was her installation called silo of silence – clicked core, an intricately constructed piece which is constructed from the artist’s signature material: window blinds. it’s also indicative that her working method is labour-intensive both conceptually and in regard to the craftsmanship involved [on through may 2018].

Design: Haegue Yang
photography: Jens Ziehe

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