Euroclass Design & Build Office by Yellow 6 Design, Auckland – New Zealand

September 12th, 2017 by retail design blog

Yellow 6 Design designed the offices of construction company Euroclass Design & Build, located in Auckland, New Zealand. Euroclass Design & Build’s new head office located at one of their latest buildings is a showcase of their build quality and product offering.

The interior of their new head office was to showcase elements of their building and design ethos. Showing elements of architecture and construction, and a combination of working environments allows Euroclass to use their office as a working and demonstration platform.

There are a number of spaces evenly blended across the floor, from boardroom to open plan breakout, each area seamlessly flows to the next and provides the users with a multitude of meeting and collaboration options.

Design: Yellow 6 Design
Photography: Rezharco Doria

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