Fashion Sports collection by Hans Boodt Mannequins

September 15th, 2017 by retail design blog

Dynamic characters, designed to move. International mannequin designer and producer Hans Boodt Mannequins is on a mission to constantly take the extraordinary world of fashion a stylish step further. That’s what they will do once again by presenting their Fashion Sports collection. Sports has made its way into our daily lives and dominates in fashion and lifestyle.

Nowadays almost any brand or retailer has a sports collection or a sports capsule within their identity. This applies to both the higher and lower segment within the retail industry. The Hans Boodt Fashion Sports collection removes traditional boundaries by showing sports with a fashionable staple. They create a contemporary look that shows a strong attitude which is cool, relaxed and stylish. Fusing fashion with fitness to the fullest.

After a lot of research, visiting national and international shops and having conversations with several sport brands, Hans Boodt has come to a perfect sizing, which they are convinced is capable of serving both fashion sports brands and functional sports brands. In an ever-evolving industry of innovation you need to be ahead of the game.

All Hans Boodt mannequins share the same unique DNA: innovative, creative, Dutch, rebellious and young. The company’s vision is to use innovation and inspiration to be the authority in the shop window mannequin world. Their mission is to be the most desired ‘made to measure’ mannequin company in the fashion world. Not by simply creating mannequins but by creating characters. Endless possibilities.

Design: Hans Boodt Mannequins
Photography: Jurgen Jacob Lodder

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