eBay Office Cafeteria by Gensler, San Jose – California

September 19th, 2017 by retail design blog

Gensler designed the new kitchen spaces of eBay’s San Jose offices. “The Kitchen”, eBay’s new food experience cultivates community and reimagines the corporate cafeteria. Now, the campus’ most enticing food destination, employees come for the food and stay for the experience. Informed by the food truck movement, the space celebrates community and diversity by encouraging discovery and connection.

Bringing food truck culture inside, food areas are pushed out and pulled in so that employees can weave in and out of the space and discover the variety of cultural cuisines. Picnic tables, an ice cream cart, concrete blocks and string lights create an ambiance of the outside brought in. A seamless self-ordering system eliminates queueing encouraging employees to socialize.

Varied seating options for work or socializing include, open seating for large groups, tucked away bench seating for intimate conversations and phone rooms for concentration or private meetings. A unique brand was created that aligns with the vibe of the local food movement. eBay’s new cafeteria offers an enhanced dining experience that creates a more connected and inspiring workplace experience at their San Jose campus.

Design: Gensler
Photography: Jasper Sanidad


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