Oak trestle by Studiomama

September 19th, 2017 by retail design blog

Studiomama has designed an oak trestle for furniture company Another Brand, which can be rotated to make a dining table, a console or a coffee table. Launching at London Design Festival, the collection, by Studiomama’s co-founders Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama, comprises a box-framed trestle, with diagonal struts that suggest an irregular star shape. Different sized tabletops can combine with one or more trestles to suit the various configurations: a pair of the units forms the support for a larger dining table surface, a single unit supports a side table, while a flipped alternative creates a low-level coffee table. “We often strive to achieve a degree of multi-functionality where possible in our work,” Tolstrup told Dezeen.

The tabletops are also available in different colour finishes to add to the versatility of the collection. The dining table surface is reversible, featuring oak on one side for dining and linoleum covering the other so it can be used as a work surface. This more hard-wearing material comes in hues including burgundy, olive green and powder pink. Glass tops, which are either clear or coloured with pink hues, make up the other choices in the series. Studiomama designed the collection with glass and oak in mind, as these materials are both long-lasting and can be re-used in the future. “We like to work with wood, which is a sustainable, renewable material, and will age well over time,” said Tolstrup. “We also used glass, which is a material that can be fully recycled in a closed loop over and over again,” she added.

This sustainable ethos follows on from some of the earliest designs of Studiomama, which husband-and-wife duo Jack Mama and Nina Tolstrup started in 2000. Examples include brightly coloured seating made from salvaged furniture and a cabinet made of reclaimed floorboards. Another Brand launched the studio’s latest collection – the first in a series of collaborations with designers – earlier this week, coinciding with this year’s London Design Festival. It is on show at Clippings, at Curtain House, 134-146 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3AR, until 21st September 2017. Other products presented at the show include a set of terazzo tables designed by Another Brand’s creative director Theo Williams.

Design: Studiomama

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