Savills Office by Futurespace, Sydney – Australia

September 20th, 2017 by retail design blog

Futurespace designed the offices of real estate company Savills, located in Sydney, Australia. Your workplace can say a lot about you – about your values, your brand and what your organisation stands for. When Savills approached Futurespace to design their new Sydney HQ one of the main goals for the project was to demonstrate, through the physical environment, Savills’ leadership and expertise as a significant global player in the property industry. One of the most innovative elements of the design is the concept of the entire workplace as a Club Space for both clients and staff.

Savills have adopted a flexible, agile work methodology that includes no offices or allocated desks. Instead the workplace is a series of zones that better facilitate client experiences and allow greater choice for Savills people in how they work. Savills’ environment is an ecosystem of open, closed and connected settings that support a range of private and collaborative work modes. In addition to agility there is a focus on health and wellbeing, as evidenced by a series of interventions designed to improve people’s lives.

These include:
– A stair that encourages physical movement over using elevators
– Abundant access to natural light
– Increase in ceiling heights to create a sense of space and wellbeing
– Sit to stand desks available
– A diverse and well-appointed breakout space
– Breakout space as focal point for community
– Implementation of Green Star principles through materials, planning and engineering services

The design concept for the project plays an important role in communicating the Savills brand. Careful choice of materials can tell the truth about an environment – they can help provide an authentic experience for the inhabitants of a space. The materiality of Savills new workplace was about aligning materials and palette with the visual language of the Sydney CBD. It was about creating connection with the fabric of the city, drawing people into the environment through texture, colour and pattern, and extending the perception of what an ‘office’ could be.

Design: Futurespace
Photography: Nicole England

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