Spirit of Innovation – BYD booth design by VAVE GmbH, Shanghai – China

September 20th, 2017 by retail design blog

Since 2015, BYD has been the Chinese market leader for electric vehicles. At 2017’s 17th International Automobile Exhibition in Shanghai, the Chinese car company shows future-oriented concepts and let the visitors experience technological progress by transforming content into a interactive spatial experience.

A dynamic arrangement of breathing luminous elements on the ceiling translate energy streams into the third dimension and let the visitor feel the power behind the EV-technology. With the element of lines on the wall and floor, cars and exhibits visually connect with the booth architecture, thus creating one strong concept.

With the motto „Spirit of Innovation“, BYD communicates the compatibility of mobility and sustainability in this year’s booth design concept. Those two factors are brought together through wooden elements, real plants, a cozy coffee bar and lifestyle interiors in the lounge area, which are in contrast with high-tech exhibits, cool colors and a futuristic aesthetics in the product area.

Visitors will experience the future-orientated direction of the brand through a great product diversity, sustainable mobility concepts for public transport and interactive exhibits that informs us about tomorrow’s technologies.

Design: VAVE GmbH
Photography: kastone

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