FlyPony flagship concept store by Prism Design, Shanghai – China

September 21st, 2017 by retail design blog

In the teeming city, Shanghai, people talk about a boy called Tim, who is coming from a small town. Everyday, Tim would goes to a wonderful magical world in his dream. All those shoes he wore are full of magic and stories. In one of his dream, Tim was involved into an adventure, he needed to find a fly pony. Fly Pony shoes have five important brand DNA, they are: protection, magic, French style, encouragement, and education. For adults who want their child to have a bright and healthy future, Fly Pony is their lovely choice.

In Fly Pony shoes shop, eight colors represented Tim’s dream world. We used golden color to show Tim’s strong courage, passion and innocence. The abstract of Shanghai street where Tim lives is the symbol of world in his dreams. In the function, those magnetic dots promotes that the display of shoes could be free as magic. All the white part are writing boards, during POP activities, children could draw graffiti here. This could help to cultivate their creativity.

Those eight colored dots are actually two sorts of supporting dots: fixed and movable dots. The mix of those dots blended function and fantasy. The back of green dots can install hangers. Other colors dots have magnate in their back and could be arranged freely.

Shelves could be put on the top of those hangers to display shoes. Also, hangers could be used to display clothes. They could be arranged according to requirements. In conclusion, Fly Pony is the child shoes store that both child and adult could enjoy the latest shopping experience.

Design: Prism Design
Photography: Katsumi Hirabayashi

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