Renault’s concept car interior by Aleksandra Gaca

September 22nd, 2017 by retail design blog

The French car manufacturer Renault has approached Aleksandra Gaca to design interior fabrics for Renault’s SYMBIOZ concept car, which was unveiled during the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. SYMBIOZ represents Renault’s vision of mobility in 2030, with an electric, autonomous car that will literally connect to your home. The Renault SYMBIOZ concept car was conceived as an extension of the home on the road.

The goal of the design was to ensure the cabin was livable like any contemporary interior. When parked inside a physical home, it becomes an additional modular, multi-purpose room. With this concept in mind, Aleksandra Gaca translated Renault’s mission into woven fabric and created a new version of “bloko” — a 3D fabric that is part of Gaca’s larger architextiles collection.

“Bloko” is a newer and more improved version of the designer’s earlier 3D-woven concepts. As an expert in 3D textiles and manufacturing, Gaca adapted the construction of the fabric and different yarns to give it a strong yet soft quality — making the application of the textile suitable for the car as well as the home.

The new “bloko”, in two shades of grey, transcends the boundaries of the car and interior by covering the seats and the upholstery of the large sofa in the dwelling — uniting the two spaces and giving them a touch of warmth and a reassuring, homely feel. The “bloko” for Renault SYMBIOZ was realized in the textile museum tilburg, where Gaca often works and develops many of her unique textile creations.

Design: Aleksandra Gaca

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  1. Paul says:

    Just wow! I can’t help myself to stop looking at this car.. so much in love with the design and the chairs looks like very comfortable. Nice one! have a good day.

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