Embry Form store by Versabrand, Shenzhen – China

September 28th, 2017 by retail design blog

Embry Form always keens to lace.
When lace and underwear encounter,
Unprecedented sparks can be freed.
Versabrand brings the element of lace to the new store image
To create a more romantic shopping experience only for you.
Embrace the “Lace Museum” together
To explore the ubiquity lace temptation

“Lace museum” style inherits the core DNA temperament of Embry Form, and balances classic and modern to make the whole image become more rhythmical. Representing the female curve of the S-pattern intertwined with small hollow, the iron screen is light as silk, clear as yarn, with art of temptation.

Lace becomes a beautiful fantasy when projecting the light, like “Ambry Form”s second skin, beautiful and fitting. Pure white lace chandeliers are gentle and chic. The hollow pattern perfectly presents sense of mystery, partly hidden and partly visible, simple yet elegant.

Small wall lamps carve antique lace pattern, and tell from the nineteenth century Victoria story. Lace acrylic brackets interweave with exquisite lace embroidery bra, and exude a romantic palace atmosphere. Glass is embellished with lace rose pattern, which expresses dignified and classic temperament.

Design: Versabrand
Photography: Nie Photo

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  1. John says:

    nice magazin , i’ve been there

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