A TWOSOME PLACE coffee&dessert by CJ foodville, Nonhyeon-dong Gangnam-gu / Seoul – Republic of Korea

September 30th, 2017 by retail design blog

A distinctive space of premium dessert café where everyone can enjoy delicious coffee together with the main desserts. The existing complicated details were simply trimmed and the bright pink-toned ceilings were made to exude a cozy feeling. The corners of the pillars and the walls are all curved; and a half-moon-shaped patterned wood board is attached to have both the details and the volume felt at the same time.

The low and comfortable U-shaped curved type of the bar from the customer’s entry line is felt more luxurious as its details are reflected by the Bianco marble and polishing gold SUS metal. The contents of the menu board are made simple and compact while the display on the wall is minimized to ensure that the spotlight is on the product.

In order to have an image that enhances emotion, the ratio of monthly graphics was lowered and by having only a neon sign and a stylish frame, a romantic and sophisticated atmosphere was created. With a resting MD display and a variety of seating arrangements, a dessert cafe where anyone could comfortably enjoy was completed.

Design and photography: CJ foodviile

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