“My Amway Center” by Burosneg, Kazan – Russia

October 2nd, 2017 by retail design blog

For the company “Amway” the design studio “Burosneg” has developed a multifunctional space “My Amway Center”. Burosneg and Amway are old friends, we have already carried out for them more than one project. The first interiors were made according to the brand book, but the office in Kazan (RUS) was to become special.

The customer saw the Kazan office in a new format for both the company and its customers. “My Amway Center” is a multifunctional space, the special feature of which was the emphasis on the interaction of the consumer and the product. Here you can not only watch and buy, but also try. To put on the face a new mask, to conduct an experiment with the removal of spots or try a new cocktail in the bar – all this is available to visitors in one place.

The customer did not limit the flight of fantasy, but the deadlines were minimal. The development of the design project and all repair and installation work were completed in 3.5 months – and this is 650 m2! The work used simple but environmentally friendly materials. Flooring – granite under the tree, on the walls – painted clinker brick.

Designers: Reseda Rakhmatullina, Olga Muizhnek, Maria Marshchuk, Ksenia Surikova, Andrey Kuznetsov / Burosneg
General Contractor: Burosneg

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