Lovelace Hotel, Munich – Germany

October 5th, 2017 by retail design blog

Now, this is a project we’d sooner expected to find within the hyper creative confines of Berlin, but Munich’s regal history has left an abundance of landmark ornate structures, and one just happened to be up for grabs for a contemporary, fun-infused intervention. We’re talking a collab initiative by hospitality entrepreneur Michi Kern, media tycoon Gregor Wöltje, hotelier Alexander Lutz, retailer Lissie Kieser, and music producer and retailer Cambis Sharegh, a group of seasoned Müncheners who felt the need to shake up the city’s urban scene and add a little edge to its predictable aura of affluence and glamour.

So, the adventurous five have launched the Lovelace – a wildly hybrid nod to mathematician and writer countess Ada Lovelace and 1970s porn actress-turned-women’s rights activist Linda Lovelace – a pop-up hotel in Munich’s heavily storied downtown area. The venue occupies a 4,800 sqm. across all four floors of a former bank building erected in the late 19th Century. Flaunting an ornately decorated façade in baroque revival style, the building obviously is listed, but was fully renovated little over a decade ago, and features modern core replete with a glass-roofed inner courtyard.

The latter space, now a modern atrium adorned by neon-captured blurbs by Berlin-based creative agency double standards, serves as the lobby and social meeting grounds, and when gazing upwards, it showcases all surrounding floors. The Lovelace features just 30 lofty guestrooms and suites on the premises, and these pair many of the structure’s original architectural detailing with plenty of modern comfort. The amenities include comfy Coco-Mat beds with matching organic bed linen, lounge chairs by Vitra, a Sonos sound system, free wifi, and site-specific wall decorations by local artist Florian Süssmayr add a cultural flavour to each pad.

As the Lovelace aims to be more than a place to lay your head to rest, and also serve as a platform and incubator of cultural matters, a constant buzz rules the premises, bringing along a variety of pop-ups and events that’ll rally the city’s creative movers andf shakers to its doorstep. The hotel currently features a Monocle pop-up store, a Barberhouse men’s Parlour, and a programme of events that’ll easily keep you busy every day of the week. And that’s not all, folks. The top floor of the Lovelace, measuring a whopping 1,500 sqm., is not only home to a plush bar, lounges, and studios fit for any event, in additionto more space available on the lower floors.

Photography: Steve Herud

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