BOY London Store by Sixcorners Studio, Hong Kong

October 7th, 2017 by retail design blog

This is the first time the British apparel brand representing underground and rebel attitude established their dedicated retail point in Hong Kong. The never-compromise integrity made icons like Andy Warhol and Madonna a true admirer to the brand BOY London™. The brand didn’t really encourage much to stick with rules, but rather is giving opportunities to break them and create one person’s own personality and listen to the heart. Our plan was to address an obnoxious entrance to the fire-hot local apparel market in a rather unorthodox way. With the use of simple yet carefully-crafted materials, the 310 sq.ft. retail store was being assembled to resemble the genuine BOY London™ philosophy.

Orchestrated by various materials like manually-applied concrete-textured paint (a technology empowered by LOTOS Taiwan) gradually composing a symphony of geometric elements was the key to the whole design idea. Perhaps no one locally constituted such a rebel and flipped-over design really, and so we baldly did it. Intriguing details such as brass-colored hairline stainless steel strips violently slashed across all perfect shapes diagonally, segregating the solid (concrete-textured paint) and the floated (true white emulsion paint,) clearly responded to the complexity of opposing attitudes nowadays in the society.

Thematically, hardware are also matched with all other brass-colored touches, just to make things more delicate. Oh, one more, lighting issues. We have successfully rectified such an atmosphere, we can’t let the lighting just going traditional and nostalgically placed. Geometry was the whole plan, and so does the triangular feature lighting hung 600mm from the ceiling, offering 4,000K temperature illuminating every corner of the store. Spotter lights were also strategically situated to create a perfect 90 degree perpendicularly to the triangular feature light.

Design: Sixcorners Studio
Photography: Owen Lam

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