Shimmerwalls’ ‘Mirror Wall’ for Caroline Biss by Shimmerwalls & Stefanie De Hauwere

October 9th, 2017 by retail design blog

Adding an extra glamorous touch to the visual merchandising of ready-to-wear fashion house Caroline Biss, has provided the shine to the labels’ in-house displays in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg & The Netherlands for Autumn 2017.Echoing the opulent yet timeless nature of the fashion collection, Shimmerwalls has delivered a bespoke light gold and silver mix which ripples across its unique ‘Mirror Wall’ system. The exclusive colour ways can also be seen in the individual sequins scattered among the displays. Shimmerwalls’ patented ’Mirror Wall’ board system sees laser cut acrylic mirrors replacing the traditional film sequins, allowing for larger and more dramatic glass-like displays of shimmer-as demonstrated in the windows for Caroline Biss, where square mirrors have been used to magnificent and glamorous effect.

Stefanie De Hauwere’s (Head of Visual Merchandising, Caroline Biss) design ideas were brought to life by Shimmerwalls after extensive consultation with the brand to ensure a beautiful cohesiveness between the apparel and the mirror walls. The new collections and displays can be seen in Caroline Biss store windows now and include stores in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bruges, Brussels, Luxembourg, Dusseldorf & Koln. Shimmerwalls welcomes enquiries from visual merchandisers, event organisers, and interior designers.

Design: Shimmerwalls & Stefanie De Hauwere
Photography: Shimmerwalls

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