First Stone Showroom by Yatofu Creatives, Helsinki – Finland

October 10th, 2017 by retail design blog

First Stone Showroom is situated along a popular tourist route in central Helsinki, showcasing their selection of luxury amber jewelry. In catering towards the many foreign tourists, the client aspired for a space where the customer could freely browse the products, while having access to informative elements that support the flow of the retail experience.

In addressing this challenge, a series of informative components were implemented, including integrated screens showing exclusive videos; a custom large format illustration to depict the formation process; as well as a vitrine cabinet designed specifically to display ambers that have fossil inclusions.

The formation of amber is a journey between land and sea, and in conceptualizing this journey for the design of the space, Yatofu Creatives utilized forms and textures that are reminiscent to the undulating surface of the sea, while using rectangular volumes to represent the solidity of land.

The highs and lows of the water are also mimicked through the varying surface levels of the vitrines and wall cabinets, and the choice of textiles as a wall surface provides a fluidity to the space that speaks to the movement of water. Conventional amber shops are usually clad in the dust of a bygone era. Both the client and Yatofu Creatives felt it was important to update this image and bring the concept into the contemporary setting.

In juxtaposing a modern retail concept with the historic antiquity of amber, First Stone Showroom becomes a space where customers can revel in the experience of browsing a modern high-end jewelry shop, while also reflecting the tone of a cultural “museum-esque” experience.

Design: Yatofu Creatives
Photography: Esa Kapila

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  1. It is an nice jewellery showroom in Helsinki

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