Organic Honey packaging by Anna Lengyel

October 10th, 2017 by retail design blog

Honey is the treasure of nature. In my project I focused on this message and tried to achive a luxorious but also organic feel to the packaging. I used a simple glass jar with a delicate label so that the main focus is on the product itself. The label consists of five different layers, all made from different papers, each layer representing a different aspect of the product. I also used various printing processes like foil stamping, digital printing and letterpress to enhance this message.

The first layer is a black cardboard on which the modern and elegant logo is foil stamped in gold, this represents luxury. The second layer is a handmade, biodegradable paper embedded with flower seeds so it is plantable. This indicates the strong connection with nature and calls for act to save the bees. The third layer tells you more about the actual type of honey, what it is good for and what usage is recommended. This was digitally printed on a smooth and a little bit sparkly pure white paper.

This part is dedicated to the healthy benefits of honey so this layer was inspired by organic medicine labels. The next one is a decorative transparent layer showing an enlarged part of the logo using digital gold printing. I wanted to show the enjoyment value and the sweetness of the product. All the information take place on the last layer which is a recycled craft paper. It represents the tradition and the simplicity of the beekeper’s work.

Design: Anna Lengyel

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