Digital Media Company Headquarter by Olson Kundig , New York City

October 12th, 2017 by retail design blog

Olson Kundig designed the headquarters of a digital media company, located in New York City, New York. Located in a historic 120-year-old Union Square building, Olson Kundig’s design for this media company headquarters offers salon-style breakout spaces for employees to gather and collaborate as well as individual work spaces, offering opportunities for both interaction and privacy that were unattainable in their previous open-plan office.

At 43,000 square feet, the two-story office offers plenty of open, configurable areas that surround a grand central stair. The staircase, which also serves as a theatrical gathering space, provides a connection between the two floors and offers flexible areas for employees to meet in groups or work independently. This central spine becomes the focal point of the office, with a plant- and light- filled conservatory on one side and more intimate, introspective areas on the other.

Important to the media company was the ability to host parties, films, lectures, and other social events in the evening hours. The central stair and connecting spaces transition easily to evening use with the introduction of screens, sliding doors, and curtains that cordon off studio and work areas. A high-contrast palette lends to the cinematic feel of the headquarters with daylit spaces and soft white walls offset by the blackened steel staircase, warm inktones and dark, rich woods used throughout.

Very little of the building’s original structure is covered up. Overhead ductwork is left exposed, original steel columns protrude from new walls and original brick walls remain visible, revealing the building’s historic underpinnings while offering functional work and performance space to employees and guests.

Design: Olson Kundig
Photographer: Kevin Scott, Nicholas Calcott

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