Matrix Global Office Space in Sofia by Cache atelier, Sofia – Bulgaria

October 16th, 2017 by retail design blog

The main purpose of the project was to redesign and redefine the common parts of Matrix Global existing office space in Sofia Bulgaria. Our main idea was to make the place a little bit more light and colour as well as to utilize all the hallways and their adjacent spaces.

We redesigned the reception area, the eating area, the meeting rooms and created a relax room in the space. We redefined the niches of the corridor in order to create small relaxing areas that can be used for quick and non-formal meetings.

But the largest intervention was the introducing of a giant blackboard that actually spreads out through the whole office space – thus creating a circular element that adds an interactive feature of the space. Blackboard can be used for drawings, brainstorming, sharing ideas.

In that way employees, they have the chance to change their own work environment on a daily basis and at the same time to keep enjoying the functionality of turning an empty hallway to a vibrant space for social interaction.

Design: Cache atelier
Photography: Minko Minev

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