Print Type + Piñara by Kamaku, Guatemala City – Guatemala

October 17th, 2017 by retail design blog

A store with a chic personality. The result of this space conveys the fresh, feminine and full of details characteristics of two brands that live together: Print Type and Piñara; where the coexistence of store, lettering school and party store is achieved through the flexibility of the space layout, furniture and display.

Print Type is a stationary and graphic design studio; as well as a lettering school. On the other hand, Piñara is a party studio. The space needed to work well for both brands needs and requests; and we were able to do so by distributing the space in: 1/3 back of the house workshop and 2/3 lettering school and store.

We also worked the lettering school tables to work well as product display fixtures if needed when not in students use. The display system is adjustable and allows product to be exhibited in any possible way. Additionally, we had the opportunity to work the Visual Merchandising and display of the store.

Design and photography: Kamaku

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