Brewing Floor experience at the Guinness Storehouse by LOVE, Dublin – Ireland

October 18th, 2017 by retail design blog

Creative agency, LOVE, has created the new Brewing Floor experience at the iconic Guinness storehouse, Dublin – bringing the unique Guinness brewing process to life for over a million visitors every year. This is LOVE’s second immersive design at the Guinness Storehouse (recently voted Europe’s number one tourist attraction) and the new floor replicates the quality and experiential nature of the Advertising Floor that the team created two years ago for Diageo. The Brewing Floor allows visitors to immerse themselves in the brewing process, ingredients and story behind the iconic black and white stout, Guinness Draught.

With the design LOVE has sought to create an experience that is suitable for a wide variety of visitors: fun and immersive for the beer novice, with depth and discoverable facts and figures for beer aficionados. The interactive exhibit uses a combination of spacial and lighting design, immersive and interactive experiences – along with new film footage and photography to deliver a unique storytelling space.

Key elements associated with the brewing process are integral to the design: the blistering 232 degree heat of the roasting process; the milling, boiling, mashing and fermentation stages; the importance of hops; the closely guarded secret of the strain of yeast used in Guinness; quality control and the precision of the daily 10am taste testers; nitrogenation and the 30 million bubbles in each and every pint of the stout.

Dave Palmer, ECD and founder of LOVE, added: “Guinness is one of the world’s truly iconic brands – and the Guinness Storehouse is one of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions. Getting to understand how unique the Guinness brewing process truly is – and being able to create a memorable and immersive experience to bring it to life – was a real privilege”.

He adds: “We wanted to create a rich visitor experience, which acted to remind the world why Guinness is so iconic. We didn’t want to display generic brewing steps – we wanted to highlight the unique selling points – the champion Guinness yeast, the unique roasting process, the rich heritage, as well as the amazing people involved and their brewing expertise.”

Design: LOVE

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