Qauntum system by Atom-Retail, Haarlem – The Netherlands

October 19th, 2017 by retail design blog

A true game changer, the Quantum retail system is the most flexible presentation system in stores today. No visible fixture system, just your product and our flexible Quantum system. Attachments and visuals can be repositioned by the drop of a hat. Replace and restyle your store in minutes. Besides a range of standardized wall and freestanding fixtures our design team can design custom attachments to support your product presentation.

The system guards the relevance of retail in a time where online dominates. With ease, we create engaging and attractive product presentations. Finally a way to get ahead of the game. Quantum is an articulated system of metal and magnetic elements, the combination of which allows for a customized presentation. In constantly evolving retail spaces, we believe in products that are flexible and adapt to the ever-changing demands of the brand and its surroundings.

We offer a wide variety of shelves and magnetic retail attachments. The minimalistic design of the magnetic display puts each product in the spotlight. Shedding light on its benefits and beauty. The Quantum attachments have a load capacity, which is proportional, their size, the magnetic force does not decay over time and there is no leakage of magnetic waves into the surrounding environment, it is retail approved.

Design: Qauntum system
Photography: Anouk de Kleermaeker

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