Hensel Winery by einszu33, Bad Dürkheim – Germany

October 24th, 2017 by retail design blog

The winery of the Hensel Estate, grounded on more than 300 years of tradition, is located in the german Pfalz region and combines wine-selling with an open space for culinary events and forms the new centre of the viticultural yard. The horizontally layered pavilion is floating over the site and is thus referring to the vineyard on the opposite side. Based on a 90 x 90 cm grid layout, the architectural body merges with the inner structure of the building, connecting the outside and the inside to create a holistic framework.

The building adjoins directly to an existing warehouse and adds a new centerpiece to the existing structure. Its outlines become visible throughout the interior space due to the skylight and the niches below. Visitors enter the winery, arriving on the elevated wooden terrace by taking the loosely arranged concrete steps. The wine tasting and the event area are connected through a lounge which stretches long the backwall and thanks to its furniture can be used in a multiple of ways.

The 9-meter-wide floor-to-ceiling glazed opening of the event space can be opened halfway and thus the vineyard become part of the interior space. The complementary functions are integrated into the existing warehouse building, forming the interface between old and new. The carefully selected of materials contribute to a finely tuned design. The walls of the pavilion are artisanal plastered, floor and ceiling in the outdoor area laid out with ash boards, and the floor in the interior is tiled with large-format ceramic slabs.

The body elements and counters are equipped with nano-coated HPL-panels whereas the countertops are made out of tone-in-tone glass fibre reinforced concrete. While the interior ceiling is covered with cement-bound wooden wool insulation panels. When talking about the equipment of the winery, a selection of cutting edge products enhances the indulging experience. The wine conditioning and superb kitchen technology devices are supplied by Gaggenau, atmospherical lighting at the highest standard in technology and design is provided by Occhio. Nevertheless, the focus is on the pure enjoyment of Henselwein.

Design: einszu33
Photography: Bodo Mertoglu

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