ZEST- Nature Deli by Naama Zohar / Interior planning and design, Tel-Aviv – Israel

November 1st, 2017 by retail design blog

ZEST is a unique store that combines various departments – spices, nuts, legumes, dried fruits, cheeses, and a variety of special packaged products carefully chosen from the best of the markets in Israel.

The design concept of the store reflects, through materiality and colorfulness, the division into the various departments. There is a combination of iron in different shades, together with natural wood that appears in various forms.

There is a great emphasis on the branding of the products and the display – the store’s branding is done in the early stages and was built hand in hand with the construction of the design concept of the store.

The store consists of three areas – a display area, where the ceiling is very high and there is maximum exploitation of the height for display and storage, and intimate and warm sales area. There is also a storage gallery.

Design: Naama Zohar – Interior planning and design
Photography: Nadav Peket

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