Blackfin headquarters by Anidride Design, Taibon Agordino / Belluno – Italy

November 3rd, 2017 by retail design blog

The architect Nicola De Pellegrini and his office Anidride Design designed the interiors of Blackfin new headquarters, opened in celebration of the titanium eyewear company’s 45th anniversary. Outside, the stunning beauty of the Dolomites; inside, an ultra-modern workspace. The goal was to create not only a welcoming and practical workspace but most importantly an environment that clearly communicates the company philosophy, expressing the brand’s principles and origins.

The interior spaces are characterized by a perforated sheet ceiling that reminds you the skyline of the Belluno Dolomites and leads you to the discovery of the company and its headquarters, creating harmony between the surrounding natural landscape and the innovation and manufacturing technology that set Blackfin eyewear apart.

At the second floor entrance, a large window looking out at the mountains puts the viewer in direct contact with the outdoors, making it a source of inspiration and motivation. Glass was also used for the walls dividing the offices, intelligently dividing spaces and contributing to the vitality and dynamism of the space overall.

All of the interior spaces are dominated by the color grey, the brand’s signature hue, paired with natural elements like wood, which one also finds in the furnishings, evoking the marriage with the outside environment. The new headquarters was designed so that people and spaces could enter into resonance, rendering it as similar as possible to a home: welcoming and full of energy, fostering both individual and collective well being.

Design: Nicola De Pellegrini / Anidride Design
Photography: Giovanni De Sandre

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