Bouchara Maison & Homewear store by Superbrand, Rouen – France

November 3rd, 2017 by retail design blog

SUPERBRAND has designed the brand new store identity of BOUCHARA by proposing a new customer journey and experience through a spectacular merchandising. The challenge was to successfully modernize one of the oldest French brands, founded in 1899, renowned for the quality of its offer and its exceptional character by projecting it on more current values of style and expression to make it a creative and audacious brand. BOUCHARA present a wide range of linens, tableware, fabrics, as well as a whole range of scents, home accessories and indoor clothing that combine trendy and comfort.

Through this program of evolution, the brand has asked SUPERBRAND to imagine:
– An identity that is both more contemporary and more accessible for the BOUCHARA brand
– A unique and fresh Maison & Homewear brand territory
– A flexible merchandising principle allowing a homogeneous roll out on the network

Design: Superbrand

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