Boyunlancui branding by Chinoiserie

November 9th, 2017 by retail design blog

In Chinese culture, cloud pattern is one of the most representative cultural signs, expressing Chinese good wish of “same origin, and harmonious integration”. Cloud not only represents heaven, but also benefits creatures with rains. Chinoiserie team, deconstructing the traditional Chinese cloud pattern, designs the outline of the eyes in the logo’s main pattern. The core figure in the middle of the logo, learning from Chinese ancient water and mountains, refines the most valuable color and pattern system, and describes again Chinese pastoral sceneries of magnificent mountains, shinning clouds and shadowy trees.

The relation between sun and clouds forms the eyes, meaning that pastoral scene is under clouds, with a panorama of Chinese magnificence, showing the Boyunlancui brand idea of ecological origin, production origin and cultural origin. By bringing art and culture into the brand, and spreading the brand idea of “Boyunlancui”, we hope that people can become light-hearted, listen to the sounds of Chinese land, remove restlessness, return to purity and truth, and rediscover the once natural, original and pastoral life, our ancestors’ profound emotions with land, and the once intimacy with nature. Let us feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture, and bring it into modern life.

Design: Chinoiserie

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