Maison Papillon restaurant by NE-ON, Shanghai – China

November 9th, 2017 by retail design blog

A butterfly (Papillon) has two lives: as a worm and as a butterfly. The transition between these 2 lives is called the CHRYSALIS (or COCOON). We have designed the space with 2 separate functions and style:
1F – a gallery / event / creative space
2F – a fine dining French restaurant

The space has been designed to combine classic French touches with a contemporary atmosphere. The selection of the materials was very important in order to create a warm and cosy atmosphere: we mixed wood floor, carpet, brass and mirrors. The interior is challenged visually as we followed the architecture of the pitched roof to create two separate ambiances in the same room. This optical illusion is not obvious and will be discovered by guests while they are having dinner.

This space is a flexible multi function event space, collaborative space, exhibition space for the art and design community of Shanghai. It is a space to think, be inspired, create, brainstorm, innovate!

Will a chrysalis turn into a white, black or colourful butterfly? The surprise is revealed at once. And each butterfly has a unique symmetrical pattern. We imagine the restaurant space to be divided in 2 symmetrical parts along the pitched roof. Each part represents a personality of the animal. Feminine versus Masculine / Dark versus Light / Wood versus Fabric

Design: NE-ON
Photography: Derryck Menere

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