Color-changing furniture by Orijeen

November 15th, 2017 by retail design blog

When monochromatic schemes are underwhelming and color trends are overrated, Orijeen’s color changing cabinets is sure to satisfy. The Korean based studio have created the chameleon-esque pieces by applying a lenticular surface to their designs. Orijeen‘s mini collection – called ‘color flow’ – comprises of two storage pieces, both of which vary in color gradients. A freestanding wardrobe ranges in shades of greens and blues whilst a smaller sideboard highlights blues with pinks.

The chameleon-esque pieces change in color depending on your position and movement, a visual change which hopes to remind the user of their relationship with the objects. Orijeen, who work on a wide range of projects in the fields of furniture, products, space and concept research design, pride themselves on drawing attention to the connections between humans, design and the environment.

Design: Orijeen

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