Yeotown Kitchen by Brand Creative, London – UK

November 15th, 2017 by retail design blog

Yeotown Kitchen recently opened in central London, featuring a vibrant branding and interior design concept by award-winning Dubai design agency, Brand Creative. The healthfood café is the first of it’s kind from the owners of ‘Yeotown’, a renowned wellness retreat in Devon, England. Creative Director Carla Conte worked closely with the founders, Mercedes and Simon Sieff to develop a design that was consistent with the Yeotown persona whilst keeping in mind the central location of the space.

The positioning for Yeotown Kitchen was defined as ‘a mindful food experience’, inspired by the laidback, healthy feel of LA whilst alluding to the the serene nature of the Yeotown British coastal lifestyle. Brand Creative went on to develop the concept from their Dubai studio, combining natural textures with bright pops of colour to envisage a modern, health-conscious city retreat. Whitewashed brick and wooden slats provide a traditional, rustic flair whilst bold hues and eye-catching neon lighting contemporise the two-storey space.

Distinctive design elements are incorporated throughout, such as the meditation pods on the lower ground floor, a unique feature that encourages customers to take some time out over a relaxing guided meditation. Brand Creative’s in-house graphic designers collaborated with the interiors team to build the full brand identity, from the packaging and staff uniforms through to the custom illustrations and motivational quotes that adorn the space and accentuate the personable character of the brand.

Yeotown Kitchen: Fuel for Body and Mind has achieved the objective of offering a healthy yet charismatic retreat from busy city life, offering delicious wholesome food, meditation space and positive vibes in the heart of London. Brand Creative were key in bringing the vision to life, designing a unique and inviting space that epitmoses the Yeotown brand and vision.

Design: Brand Creative
Photography: James McDonald

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