Sonos store, London – UK

November 16th, 2017 by retail design blog

Following last year’s much-publicized launch of Sonos Studios in Shoreditch, Sonos has reshuffled cards, closing down the venue again, and establish a flagship store in London’s Seven Dials neighbourhood instead. The new venue, due to open its doors on Thu – Nov 16, is modeled after its first ever retail space in New York City.

The store occupies a sizeable 2,500 sqm. across two floors, and offers a similar immersive environment that aims to raise local brand awareness. The ground floor features homey settings two house-shaped listening rooms, created with various materials and surfaces to improve the acoustics, including rugs, bookshelves and glass, and adorned with colourful artwork by local artists Neil Raitt and Camille Walala.

Nifty products of the home sound system brand are obviously installed in the rooms, and a demo can be activated on an ipad, replicating a sound experience as if at home. Mind you, shoppers can also select their own music to be played here. As to boost interaction, the store will host a programme of exhibitions and other events, showcasing local creative talent and musicians throughout the year.

The basement is home to a furnished event space with felt-clad walls and carpeting, and suitable to sit back and enjoy a live gig. The space will be inaugurated with a night of talks that celebrate David Bowie’s iconic music legacy. Sonos has already set its sight on a second store in the old continent, and it’s scheduled to open next year in Berlin.

Design: Sonos

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