SONS store by Retail-Fabrikken, Herning – Denmark

November 18th, 2017 by retail design blog

Only Stores has recently opened their first standalone “SONS” shop in Denmark. This is located in Herning’s main shopping street. This cool 200 m2 store has been Designed by Retail Fabrikken. The ground ideas behind this new SONS store concept, have been to create a bright, masculine and interesting new men’s shop. By doing this, the choices of the materials, colours and surfaces have been important factors. The same few materials are a constant theme throughout the entire store.

By choosing light coloured wood as Douglas pine in the main furniture the brightness was more visual. Racks and rails in raw aluminum twisted with leather details give the shop it’s powerful masculine feel. Curiosity and interesting factors have been created by the different industrial and garage façade and that the front of the shop has a huge podium with 40 mannequins. The design of the layout is a huge inspiring front area, with mannequins and simple racks.

In the middle large inspiring tables stretch throughout the store. At the end of the shop there is an open counter bar area, so as to feel the presence and more open help of the staff and space for the customers to chill out. The back focus jeans wall has a big impact with a container in the same colour as the light panels and façade.

Both of these features stand out and give an obvious focus to the back of the shop. The colours ties the overall feel together of this shop. The fittingrooms with tiles have a subway feel to give the store an international city feel.

Design: Retail-Fabrikken

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