Orbium Aquarium by Penot&Ho, Beijing – China

November 20th, 2017 by retail design blog

Penot&Ho presents its collection of aquariums inspired by the Guilin region of China. Available on Kickstarter from 7 November, Orbium aquarium blends one of China’s most fascinating natural landscapes with innovative technology.

Orbium is a carefully crafted aquarium that brings tranquility to your interior. Its centrepiece is a sculpture that follows the contours of the magnificent Guilin mountains. Special thermochromic coating makes the sculpture responsive to changes in temperature. As the temperature rises and becomes unsuitable for the body, Orbium changes its color from black to white.

“We have traveled throughout China to get inspired by its philosophy and natural beauty. The Guilin area is known for releasing stress and relaxing the mind. With Orbium we wanted to transfer those qualities to your interior.” – Jean-Charles Penot, designer Designers Jean-Charles Penot and Phu Nhin Ho drew their inspiration from ancient Chinese traditions and feng shui-inspired motives.

Designed with Guilin’s picturesque landscapes in mind, Orbium offers a unique sensory experience as its main selling point. “Our creation of Orbium was not only inspired by the physical landscapes of Guilin but also the sense of harmony and balance we experienced during our journey. Orbium recognizes these important ideas and combines minimalistic shapes, curves, water and life to create a Feng Shui aquarium intended to enhance your interior surrounding, both visually and spiritually.” – Phu Nhin Ho, designer

Orbium is available in three luxurious finishes. Customers can choose between a signature matte black and gloss gold “Phoenix” aquarium, or a minimalist black and white “Yin&Yang” version. Symbolizing luck and freedom in ancient Chinese traditions, the golden colour of the
“Imperial” Orbium is the ultimate in luxury.

Design: Jean-Charles Penot / Penot&Ho
Photography: Jean-Charles Penot

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