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November 22nd, 2017 by retail design blog

The Copperhead lamp is an expression of our fascination with the pure elegance of copper piping. The shape of the fixture brings together the beloved fluorescent lights that we often come across in abandoned factories and the classic simplicity of our Bauhaus favourites. We have taken the best of both, and added our own touch.

The Jellyfish lamps are made from laboratory glassware. Their perfectly clear and smooth glass gives them a pure and delicate appearance, and works very well when combined with light. With their sense of weightlessness, these elegant lamps express a minimalism that makes them an easy addition for almost any interior style.

The Fox lamp is distinguished by its cubic form cut from the rugged beams of discarded dragline mats. Exposing the beautiful inner structure of the original tree’s growth rings, the Fox lamps present the striking contrast between the warmer reds of its polished top and its rough darker sides.

Design: Blom & Blom

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