EFFA boutique by K1artStudio, Modugno – Italy

November 25th, 2017 by retail design blog

The project concerns the complete restyling of the boutique. The Great Environment is designed to allow an easy visual identification of the various functions, without necessarily closing or splitting the space.

With tailor-made interventions, a private service space and a new fitting room was created, instead the cash zone and the entrance showcase were valued. The space is defined by a simple and clear layout and a chromatic palette of calm, neutral, and relaxing tones.

The lighting and the choice of colors (“rope” and “pink powder”) give the whole store an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere. The selection of accessories, as neon lights, christal hangers and comfortable armchairs, adds freshness and modernity.

Simple and modular appendages, organize space and invite customers to feel comfortable and relaxed while choosing their clothes. The shopping experience is made optimal by the brandnew, cozy and orderly atmosphere that, without any distraction, leaves the Clothes as the only protagonist.

Design and photography: K1artStudio

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