To the bone restaurant by Piero Zanatta, Berlin – Germany

November 27th, 2017 by retail design blog

Following the launch of steak restaurant To Beef or Not To Beef and the Cicciabar street food stand in Berlin’s Schöneberg area, talented Tuscany-born chef Giacomo Mannucci has audaciously taken his operations to a higher level. Shifting his focus to the city’s happening Mitte district, Mannucci banks on its thriving restaurant scene and pitches in with a new hospitality of his own. It’s a concept that comprises of a restaurant serving northern Italian cuisine with a full-fledged cocktail bar. The venue is called To the Bone, and is situated on a stretch of Torstrasse that’s dotted with boutiques, bars and restaurants.

The interior design is a collab of Mannucci with Hong Kong-based architect Piero Zanatta, and mimics the neighbourhood’s eclectic vibe, featuring walls dipped in a dark green hue as a backdrop, an eclectic range of furnishings, and plenty of industrial elements that add a slight nightclub touch. And yet, the atmosphere feels intimate and personal, thanks to artworks from the owner’s private collection. To the Bone is made up of three rooms: a bar area, a dining space, and a private dining room which can be booked for special events. Also, in summer, the interior space opens up to an outside terrace facing Torstrasse. Under the supervision of skilled chef Matthew Davies, the menu lists food inspired by the regional cuisines of northern Italy, building upon the traditional dishes and classic flavours, all prepared with a modern twist.

Beef filet with Yuzu-glazed carrots and Miso Butter, bone Marrow Crostini with Oxtail Confit, or pickled Hokkaido pumpkin with wild herbs and stracciatella cheese are examples of the dishes on offer alongside a selection of on- and off-the-bone steaks from specialized Italian meat producers. And then there’s To the Bone’s specialty dishes, including concoctions by longstanding friend and partner, Panzano-based butcher Dario Cecchini, fassone beef steaks, and cuts of wild Italian venison. As said, this place comes with a well-stocked bar, and obviously, there’s a range of cocktails to be had, all developed in collab with the operators of the locally renowned Bar Zentral, and quite compatibly takes cues from northern Italy’s aperitivo culture.

Design: Piero Zanatta

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