Chanel flagship store by Peter Marino, Toronto – Canada

November 28th, 2017 by retail design blog

Although Chanel has been present in downtown Toronto since the late 1980s, it sees opportunity to further raise its profile, opening a new high-profile boutique in Yorkville, a neighbourhood known for its abundamce of luxury boutiques. The French fashion has had a prominent presence on West Bloor street, but the new and bigger outpost is now officially designated as the Canadian flagship store, and as such, it comes with all the prerequisite bells and whistles.

Chanel has secured a modern building with 600 sqm. of retail space, situated at the base of a multi-storey residential complex on Yorkville avenue, and features an authentic 1930s brick fa├žade. House architect Peter Marino was tapped to create a matching interior design, using the brand’s iconic colours of black, white and gold throughout the premises, alongside elements inspired by the lavishly decorated Coromandel Screens of Coco Chanel’s plush apartment on rue Cambon in Paris.

As said, these are palatial digs, and obviously, they come with appropriate settings that’ll mesmerize the brand’s large following. There are four rooms on the ground floor dedicated to accessories. To the right of the store upon entering, the first space is dedicated to costume jewellery, the second room is dedicated solely to shoes, while a third and fourth room is devoted to a selection of handbags and finally, to a range of eyewear, small leather goods and other accessories like scarves.

One floor up, shoppers find two rooms, designed as a private apartment, but filled with the complete ready-to-wear collection. Specially commissioned artwork dot the store’s retail space, adding a strong personalized touch to the interior design. The new Chanel flagship is one of the biggest in North America and also happens to be its only standalone store in all of Canada.

Design: Peter Marino
Photography: Chanel

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