Neerus Bridewear Boutique by FRDC, Bangalore – India

December 21st, 2017 by retail design blog

Bangalore-Neerus Bridewear Boutique is an Ode to Elegance through Indian arts and crafts.
Design Objective
Neerus Bridewear boutique is a bliss of luxury and elegance in city of Film stars-Mumbai, India. Designed for an experience which a bride experiences first time in her life and a journey of emotions with her family, the design is a take on Indian traditions fused with modern setting. An experience of pure bliss before her marriage and for selection of her dress which she dreams all her life.

Concept evolves around Collection and Selection/buying behaviour of a to be bride in India. Flanked by her family members, a to be bride comes in with lot of emotions and ideas in her mind. She wants to look best of her life and the store design makes her feel that. Dresses draped in central area and a focus wall where she sees best of her collection. Luxurious appointed trial rooms with powder and family room making her feel at home. Privately placed large mirrors and mood lighting with accent highlighting garments makes her feel not only comforted but in an elevated mood of her most cherished occassion in life. Floor is presented like private collection driven through various categories and occasions she wants to buy into.

Central round fixture is an inspiration from ‘Indian wedding Pheras’- or Vows what Bride takes while marriage around fire. A private collection of dresses in circular form she naturally gets involves very privately in this area. Large Screens broadcast ideas while two sets of table with formal seating help selection and discussion with family members. Design is an articulation and blend of using modern and traditional materials but with Indian crafts technique. Stone engraving work outside, Stucco finish inside, Traditional metal chains used in Temples as hanging dresses, Inlay work on floor, Mirror work found in south India and so on.

Special design features, materials
Central round hanging fixture for dresses selection, Rose Gold finish metals, Stucco work finishes, Metal chains from temples, Mirror and Inlay work, Sheer curtains, Mood led LED lighting etc.

Design: FRDC

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